Michael Aird Football 'Coach' Found Guilty of 5 Sexual Offences

Football 'Coach' Michael Aird Found Guilty of 5 Sexual Offences at Glasgow Sheriff Court

Published: 15th October 2015

The Thornliebank pervert used the football field to groom his targets. Aird started grooming kids back in 2008 but complaints about his behaviour was ignored.
Cops started taking complaints seriously during the summer of 2013.
Between February and July last year at his home Aird would play with himself in the presence of a 12 year-old boy. He groomed the adolescent to do the same while watching porno movies.

Aird used the game of football to lure his victims into his sordid sexual fantasies.... after injuring his knee he could no longer play and was asked by local football organisation Hillwood Boys Club to coach for them. Hillwood Boys Club has been serving the community of Pollok and it's surrounding districts for over 48 years.
The club, according to it's website, has given the youth of the area a safe and controlled environment in which to play competitive and non-competitive football..... the club requested he set up two teams for their 12 and 13 year-old divisions. Aird was thrilled with the thought of all the kids he now has access to.
He began began to visit local schools to find players for the teams....

The predator's next victim spoke to the jury.
Embarrassed and confused the 12 year-old boy told how the 'football coach' became very close with his mother through the club and regularly visited his family home and joined them on days out.
Aird established himself as being part of the family and a good friend, according to the boy's mother. it soon became a regular thing that the young victim would have overnight stays at Airds house on the weekends and it wasn't long before the creep showed his true colours.

As the victim and Aird sat on his couch watching a movie, the court heard Aird brought the subject up of w**king whilst putting his hand down his trousers and moving it up and down at his penis area.
he told the frightened victim that:
"w**king is something men do for enjoyment and pleasure, do you want to give it a go?"
After refusing, Aird went to the toilet and returned as if the ordeal hadn't taken place....
....Unaware, the boys mother booked a family holiday to Ibiza and invited Aird along with them. Speaking of the holiday she recalled how Aird didn't spend much time at the pool and kept asking her son to go upstairs with him. When questioned Aird said this was only because he was too hot and needed to go for 'sleeps'..... After the holiday Aird admitted the young boy had become distant with him....
The boy finally confessed to his mother what had been happening. She rang Aird to invite him round and put the accusations to him. He denied the accusations and handed back his spare key. He was then reported to the police.